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Nazia Chaudhry | coaching

Nazia Chaudhry voice & performance coach extraordinaire is known for transforming both budding & working artists and executives into consistently confident, successful performers and speakers. She offers a distinctively comprehensive and highly specialized perspective to coaching from her diverse background in the worlds of voiceover, on-camera and stage acting, as well as performing. With her vast knowledge of vocal mechanics, acting, and skill in coaching, Naz knows how to help students master the subtle nuances of a stellar performance whether you’re an actor, singer, executive, or speaker.

Naz uses a customized approach to suit her students’ needs and talent, effectively freeing the voice and actor within by introducing acting, music, vocal health, and voice & breath management techniques. These tools can help performers, speakers, and executives alike find music and rhythm within a script and understand vocal placement. They can also enhance vocal range or sustaining character voices and accents. In addition to working as a private voice and performance coach, she has performed in thousands of productions as an actor from stage to screen, as well as on the mic as a voiceover artist and vocalist.

Naz works with all levels of voiceover talent, actors, and singers, as well as speakers, executives, and business professionals. So, no matter where you are in your journey, if you are looking for a coach who will design and tailor voice and performance techniques especially for you while guaranteeing results from the very first session, you have come to the right place.

Check out the rave reviews from her students here, scroll down for rates and more information about Naz’s coaching and consulting services, or contact Naz right now and let Naz reveal and polish the exceptional performer in you!


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Naz offers coaching and consulting services anywhere in the world via Skype, for all levels and styles of performance related to voice, acting, performance, and speaking. She gives her students the confidence to sing, speak, or perform more freely by effectively helping them build and increase voice and acting range, stamina, and performance skill, while eliminating the signs of vocal strain and fatigue.
What will you learn while working with Naz?

She coaches and consults on many aspects of speaking, singing, acting, and performing including:

identify your “voice print”
find your signature sound
artist development
increase vocal range & power
gain resonance in the voice
blend chest & head voice
belting & “mix” techniques
vocal health & posture
commercial singing technique
reduce & eliminate nasality

stage presence
music artist tour prep
vocal tone & inflection
eliminate vocal strain
speak with more presence
bridge usable registers
improve tonal quality
confidence building
voice & vowel placement
vocal endurance

acting techniques
effective practice techniques
auditioning technique
art of self-direction
 script analysis & interpretation
understand your type
access & develop voices
improv for actors & singers
speech & diction

speaking confidently
audition or showcase prep
ear training
pitch accuracy
music theory basics
communicate with a band/ audience

 vocal control in all genres
 lyrical analysis
studio recording techniques
editing & recording basics
breath support & control
mic techniques
vocal projection
warm-ups & vocalizing
connected phrasing
performance anxiety

voiceover demo prep
teleprompter & ear prompter
CD / album prep
press kits & EPKs
headshot & resume prep
comp cards
agents & representation
networking & booking gigs
business & marketing



Private Online Coaching & Consulting Services


*** All sessions are pre-paid at the time of booking. At least 24-hour notice of cancellation is required in order to reschedule your session. Notice of cancellation for any reason given within 24 hours will result in a forfeited session. ***

Please purchase your sessions below & fill out the contact form
to specify your coaching needs and availability.

  1 Hour Session $300
BUY NOW:   3 Hour Package   $870
  5 Hour Package   $1,425


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