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Nazia Chaudhry | voiceover & jingles

Naz is known as the go-to girl for total vocal excellence. As an accomplished voiceover artist, actor, and vocalist with over 25 years of performance experience, producers everywhere love the fact that they can find both stellar VO and practically any genre of singing in her incredible repertoire. Her extensive experience, vocal versatility, and ability to bring projects to colorful life keep her clients coming back for more, time and again.


Corporate Narration:



Telephony / IVR:






  Singing – Jingle / Station IDs:

Singing – Vocal Styles:




Naz's Voiceover Representation



With a real, conversational voiceover read that tells a story and keeps an audience engaged, Naz also has the acting expertise and vocal range to cater to your specific needs. She can be sweet & sultry, informative & friendly, warm & compassionate, fresh & bright, energetic & articulate, or smart & sophisticated.

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Let’s connect. Learn more about all the simple ways to connect to Naz’s studio and record her stellar voiceover or vocals for your upcoming projects.


Naz also offers a variety of accents & characterizations:
East Indian / Pakistani    British    Indian-British    Hispanic    Brooklyn
New York
    Middle Eastern    American Southern Belle    Hillbilly / Southern
College Age    Non-Descript African    Caribbean / Islander    LatinX    Italian    Russian
  French   Valley  Girl    Urban    Older Mom    Chinese Characterization    Young Soccer Mom
Teenager    Robot    Child-like    Upperbrow & Snooty    Sultry & Sexy 
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