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Nazia Chaudhry Voiceover Testimonials 

Nazia is fantastic actor. She comes well prepared and deals with changes easily.
Pete Safran, Director, Media Services at SAI Global


When we needed a ‘voice’ for campaign we were producing, Nazia fit the bill perfectly! She was easy to direct, fun to work with and her performance was exactly what the project needed.
James Alburger & Penny Abshire, VoiceActing Studios


Naz is the consummate professional. She is creative, friendly, smart, and knows how to make a scene work. The character she voiced for us had a number of competing qualities and Naz was able to give life to the complexities of the character. She has a strong grasp of storytelling and the motivations underlying a character’s actions. She is easy to work with and we would love to work with her again.
Jay Schiffman, Producer/Director, Dreamkind


Naz is a top shelf talent. 
J. Michael Collins, Voiceover Talent & Casting Director


Nazia is the very embodiment of the professional voiceover actor. As a production coordinator with one of New York City’s leading voiceover production studios, I’m well aware of the wide range of talent out there and how they can make or break a project. Nazia’s range, mastery and ability to reliably deliver what the client is looking for, but better than they thought possible, make her a go-to casting choice for the gamut of voiceover production needs. Put simply, she gets it. Every time. And in addition to all of that, she is a terrifically nice person.
Jeffrey B., Edge Studio, New York


I really can’t thank you enough Naz for bringing my stories to life. I get a tug on my heart each time I listen. I’m very pleased with your work and can’t thank you enough!! LOVE IT! Voices are amazing…sound effects and music are amazing…thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I really don’t have words to describe how proud and happy I am. You have exceeded my expectations. I don’t have one negative thing to say except I didn’t want it to end!Nazia Chaudhry Voiceover Testimonials
BB’s Adventures, Children’s Audiobook Client




Nazia Chaudhry Music Testimonials 

Freddy Cole, Legendary jazz pianist & singer


Naz is phenomenal … beyond talented.
Annette Coward, Anchor, WAMZ TV CBS


One of the most driven, tenacious, energetic, and talented performers in her cohort. Her passionate, malleable vocal abilities can both evoke and surprise.
Jackie W., Fan of Naz’s Music


Nazia, eight years ago, you accompanied us to Europe where you wowed the crowds. With this new CD, you are going to impress another legion of fans. Congratulations!
Ira Everett, Executive Director, Jubilate


Gifted vocals! Such a treat to hear her.
Randy Hoexter, Director of Education, Atlanta Institute of Music


Sennheiser/Neumann is incredibly proud to partner with Naz. Our company is all about being a full audio solution provider and with the quality of Naz’s work, in both the vocal recording world and with her voiceover work, we could tell that she shares a similar philosophy. She is a rising star and we are so pleased to be a small part of it. Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials
Christopher Currier, Studio Systems Product Specialist, Sennheiser 



Nazia Chaudhry Music Testimonials

You added a very special style to the evening. Thank you for being a part of the GSO Jazz show!
Susan Stensland, Executive Director, Georgia Symphony Orchestra


Thanks again for the wonderful, amazing performance! You and your band really took the evening to the next level at our event!
Private Event Client


Naz, your performance at our Spring fundraiser was terrific. Everyone loved your singing, your positive energy and your great style. You added a lot to the event and my guests were very pleased. Thank you.
Private Fundraiser Client


As a conference producer, there’s nothing more important that starting an event on a good note. Working with Nazia provided that, as she and her band helped set the tone for what’s become known and a wildly successful conference. I’m happy to recommend Naz as she’s a great example of a dedicated professional that strives to provide the highest level of quality possible.
Corporate Event Client


Nazia Chaudhry is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional and expedient, while exhibiting a great deal of artistry and creativity in her vocal performance. She is an absolute natural in the studio. Nazia Chaudhry Coaching TestimonialsI look forward to venturing in to new projects with her in the near future.
Anthony Newett, Music Composer/Producer Mercury Radio Arts at Glenn Beck Television



Nazia Chaudhry Music TestimonialsWhat a great show…every moment was a magical moment.
Craig Shaw, Atlanta jazz bassist


Naz, I love your vocals so much!
Tony Battle, Fan of Naz’s Music


Great to have Naz join our Big Band at Cafe 290 last night! She was fantastic!
Joe Gransden, Atlanta-based Jazz Trumpeter, Vocalist & Big Band Leader



A luminous voice.
Tamara F., Alpharetta, GA


Nazia is really a well-rounded and very refined performing artist. For a large scale professional theatre production I directed and produced in Washington DC, she performed her roles adroitly and with sensitivity, revealed a natural charisma on stage, was able to improvise a gorgeous singing part backed by a chorus. Her voice is very resonant, speaking or singing. She took unusual ideas from the director, and tried them 100% until they worked. She was even able to produce a violin to play where music was needed onstage. She is a gracious and dedicated person, who was appreciated by everyone in the company. I recommend her, Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonialsand can even say I am a fan.
Joe Martin, Director & Senior Lecturer of Theatre Arts, Johns Hopkins University


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Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials 

As a professional basketball player in the NBA my legs, arms, & hands were essential to success in my chosen field. Now as a college basketball analyst with ESPN & a professional speaker my voice is my money maker. Naz has been and continues to be AWESOME in helping me untap all the hidden potential of my voice & in this 4th year with ESPN I could see the benefit of working with her. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to make it to that “next level” in voice and performance.
Stephen Howard, ESPN Analyst & Motivational Speaker


Out of ALL the vocal coaches I’ve ever trained with, by far Naz has been the most knowledgeable, talented, and trained. I’m really to have lucky to been your student. I have my single coming out on commercial radio stations at the end of the month…You helped me find my voice and for that I’m truly grateful..the voice I always envisioned I wanted to have and have now, and I’ve found that I still to this day use the many vocal tricks you taught me.
Blare LeVoir, Pop Recording Artist


Nazia’s reviews as a Guest Director of the Dallas Voice Actor’s Meet Up Group: “[Her] attitude and energy is contagious … great little nuggets of information … One of my favorite meetups so far! … I was very impressed with Nazia’s background, vocal ability, and coaching … It rocked … loved Naz! Her input, combined with Cliffs, is invaluable … Another Grand Slam with Naz! … I cannot say enough good things about the guest director Naz, she was great … Great MeetUp! Naz had some great suggestions … She really knows the mechanics and anatomy of voice, articulation and delivery … Naz obviously knows what she is doing and was very helpful with her critiques. I am looking forward to the next Meetup!Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials
Dallas Voice Actors Meet Up Group



Nazia Chaudhry Coaching TestimonialsI have been working with Nazia for about two months now and I can honestly say she is excellent! I have worked with some great vocal coaches throughout my career and I would recommend Nazia to anyone looking to improve their voice. I perform all over the U.S. and wanted to work with someone who could help improve my vocal range and keep my voice in excellent condition. She challenged me to be the best that I can be and pushed my voice to a whole new level. In such a short time, my voice has become more versatile and she has taught me various tools to help me reach my full potential.
Nikki Heath, Contemporary Christian / Gospel Recording Artist


Naz has by far exceeded my expectations as a vocal coach. I was so incredibly limited in my vocal capabilities before I began working with her, but lesson by lesson, Naz has unlocked my potential as both a singer and an all around musician. She has given me control over my voice and a confidence in my capabilities.  She has not only taught me about my voice, but also about the music business in general. She has turned me from a timid songwriter into a legitimate musician.  Naz is incredibly encouraging, yet honest when she coaches and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow in their vocal performance.
Peyton Gulley, Singer/Songwriter 


Naz has made a huge difference in my career as a singer and performer. Through specialized vocal techniques, she has shown me how to use my voice to an extent that, for years, I never thought was possible. She has even increased my range at least three more octaves so now I have notes I never knew I had! I used to have a very quiet and timid singing voice and now when I perform, I have more vocal power.  Everyone tells me how awesome I sound and that I should keep it up. My band loves it, because every time I bring in new material, Naz will work with me on how to approach the music so I can sing and perform it to my best ability. When I go back to rehearsal, I sing like I had been practicing the music for weeks! I definitely recommend Naz as a vocal coach. She makes lessons fun and worthwhile!Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials



Nazia Chaudhry Coaching TestimonialsMy grand-daughter couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful her visit was with Naz. Naz immediately made her feel comfortable. She learned a lot about her voice range and what she needed to work on in just one lesson! We are excited about continuing voice lessons.


I found Naz online after attending a well-known voice school and leaving with very little results. I had very high expectations of where I wanted to be vocally within a few months and my expectations were completely blown away. After 7 lessons, my upper and lower ranges increased and I had so much more control. She really takes the time to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and helps you get there. I highly recommend Naz as a vocal coach. She will always be someone I come back to for the occasional tune-up. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very personable and always has a smile on her face!


Will made Honors Choir! He is really excited! Thanks so much for helping him through that music! Both of my kids have been taking voice lessons from Naz for a year now. From the first lesson, they have enjoyed her teaching style and dynamic personality. She uses a variety of methods to help them with breath control, enunciation and range, so they continue to improve and never get bored! Naz has been the perfect fit for my kids, and I highly recommend her for anyone needing a voice coach. Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials



Nazia Chaudhry Coaching TestimonialsI have sung for 8 years and constantly struggled with vocal clarity, nasal resonance and range limitations. Naz helped me to attain an additional octave and a half in my voice and taught me to sing through the dreaded passagio without break or strain! Most importantly, I now sing with an ease previously unbeknownst to me, which certainly improved my tonal quality and control. I could not have imagined this magnitude of change after only 5 lessons and after 10, who knows? I highly recommend Naz to anyone. She’ll surely brighten your day!


Since I have been taking lessons with Naz, my friends and I can hear an improvement in my singing. I have more resonance in my tone, better pitch control, an increased range and I can sing longer phrases. She is great to work with because she is very positive and encouraging while paying attention to details. She explains things well and her joyous spirit makes learning fun. I feel more confident singing in front of others and recording because of our work.
Ray, Singer/Songwriter


I wanted to especially thank Naz for making Meagan feel so comfortable in her first lesson. She was really nervous and Naz made it a fun experience. Meagan learned more from Naz in only one session than she learned with 2 years of training from another teacher. We are very happy Maddie’s mom referred us and Meagan is definitely eager to start working on her voice and stage presence. This is going to be a totally new vocal experience for her and take her to a whole new level and we can’t wait to see her evolve. Thanks so much.Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials



Nazia Chaudhry Coaching TestimonialsWe have had the pleasure of working with Naz, as my 14 yr. old daughter’s vocal coach. Naz is a joy, her demeanor and professionalism are remarkable, especially in an industry that is so busy and fast paced. Naz takes her time and gets to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses, to better enhance their vocal skills and with her approach, the student excels. My daughter only sees Naz once a week, but I can already an improvement in her vocal quality. I would definitely recommend Naz’s services to anyone looking for professional guidance in vocal skills and singing.


Meagan won Best Overall Talent at the talent competition in Los Angeles! Thank you for all your help in preparing her to compete. She now has meetings with several agents and managers here in LA.


I began lessons with an overwhelming terror of singing, no professional ambitions, and a sense that I’d already let my best years go by without getting over my fear. After accepting the gift of Naz’s teaching, and that is how I see it, I grew in confidence and pride as I began singing through my bridges and finding pure tones, while managing my breath and learning that my best years are yet ahead of me!


The Sound Of Music went so well! Thank you so much for helping me with it!       Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials



Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials Nazia is an incredible woman! She is how I would describe as a Great Vocal Coach! She has helped me achieve so much with my vocal range, dynamics, and breath support. Graduating from College with a bachelor’s degree in Music. I decided I wanted to pursue vocal coaching, and I found Nazia’s program online. After reviewing the testimonies, I thought I will do a consultation with her, after my first session, I knew she would be a great person to work with! She gave me so much confidence in myself as a performer. She taught me alot about breath support and control of the voice. She helped me widen my vocal range and strengthen my core. My specific music genre was pop. I learned so much about speaking and singing in pop music and how it correlates with other genres. Nazia taught me how to feel the music within my soul, and make it my own story. This helped me to express my singing freely. I can say now, because of her excellence in teaching and being such a motivator, I will be pursuing further studies in vocal performance. Thank you so much Nazia for sharing your talents and experience. You are an amazing influence, and thank you for redirecting my passions for music and performance. It has been a great honor to work with Nazia, and I strongly recommend her outstanding Vocal Coaching program. Naz, You are Simply the Best!


My experience with Naz has been one of the most eye-opening experiences in my vocal training. In just what seemed like days my range had been stretched further than I thought possible. She makes it fun and the time flies when you are learning about the anatomy of your voice and learning the exact placement that should be used. In only 3 lessons, I can drastically see a change in my upper range & now I’m singing effortlessly without strain. Much different than most teachers, her teaching style ranges to classical to commercial styles. I know I’m getting my money’s worth and I would say you are missing out on a GREAT experience if you don’t get lessons from Naz. We have fun during lessons, and at the same time, I am able to accomplish my goals as a recording artist.  Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials
Blare LeVoir, Pop Recording Artist 

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