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Nazia Chaudhry | press & music reviews

Album Description


 A debut offering from Nazia Chaudhry (Naz) gives us an opportunity to hear a vocalist that sounds as if she has been singing for many lifetimes. Chaudhry has an effervescent voice the immediately endears the audience to the storyline of each lyric. Chalked full of well-known standards and classic pop-fare, dappled with Latin selections, Chaudhry breathes new life into each rendition with finesse and commanding vocal control. It is in the timbre and tone of Chaudhry’s voice that is cornerstone to the overall appeal of Time After. Rarely, does a debut offering compel such a polished presentation, backed by an adroit ensemble that creates just the right backdrop for this exquisite chanteuse the listener will immediately feel the intimacy and connection to this remarkable collection of timeless songs.



Radio Charts



Naz at #1 on CMJ Top Jazz Adds Chart

Naz at #1 on CMJ Top Jazz Adds Chart


Naz Peaks at #36 on CMJ Top 40 Jazz Charts

Naz hits Jazz Week's Most Added Chart

Naz hits Jazz Week’s Most Added Chart

Naz Peaks at #108 on Jazzweek Charts

Naz Peaks at #108 on Jazzweek Charts











Press Reviews


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.54.51 PM

AXS Press Review (Formerly

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.21.47 PM

Overall Review Highlight Quotes

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.09.10 PM

Midwest Record Album Review, Vol. 38, N. 105, 2/13/15

5 Stars from Top 100 Reviewer, Grady Harp

5 Stars from Top 100 Reviewer, Grady Harp,

Rave Reviews from Naz's CD Release Party in September 2014

Rave Reviews from Naz’s CD Release Party – Sept 2014

Jazzette Feature in WCLK 91.9 Newsletter, Aug. 2014

Jazzette Feature in WCLK 91.9 Newsletter, Aug. 2014

Performing Artists Magazine Feature Oct & Nov2014

Performing Artists Magazine Feature Oct & Nov2014

Sounds Newsletter, Fall 2014, GSU Alumni Feature

Sounds Newsletter, Fall 2014, GSU Alumni Feature


































Other Reviews

Nazia Chaudhry Voiceover Testimonials
The CD is absolutely wonderful! I have enjoyed listening to it in my car several times already. And it’s still there in the car for more. You sound wonderful, and you all did a masterful job on the arrangements. Continued success in everything! 
Bruce Wermuth, Composer/Arranger, Jazz Vocalist & Trumpeter



It’s a GREAT album, Naz! So happy for you and proud of you for the hard work and artistry represented here.
Jennifer Barnes, Jazz Vocalist & Director of Vocal Jazz at University of North Texas


Tasteful, beautiful, inviting, and informed. Nazia’s lovely voice glides through her artistic delivery. This project is a gem!  Rosana Eckert, Internationally Renowned Vocalist, Arranger, Composer & Educator


Your voice is amazing! The music is so beautiful, the sound so rich … What a wonderful debut! Congratulations! Encore, encore!    Jim M., Fan from IndianaNazia Chaudhry Coaching Testimonials



Nazia Chaudhry Voiceover TestimonialsSennheiser/Neumann is incredibly proud to partner with Naz. Our company is all about being a full audio solution provider and with the quality of Naz’s work, in both the vocal recording world and with her voiceover work, we could tell that she shares a similar philosophy. She is a rising star and we are so pleased to be a small part of it. 
Christopher Currier, Studio Systems Product Specialist, Sennheiser USA




The CD becomes increasingly interesting, every cut … talk about “story telling” … “Taking A Chance on Love” rocked! Congratulations.
Paris Rutherford, World-Renown Arranger and Music Director


 Nazia, eight years ago, you accompanied us to Europe where you wowed the crowds. With this new CD, you are going to impress another legion of fans. Congratulations!
Ira Everett, Executive Director, Jubilate


Naz has an astounding voice and takes these classic songs to a fresh, new level! The vocals and the instrumentals fit the songs perfectly … I hope the next album comes out soon. This one will be playing a lot until then.
Nazia Chaudhry Coaching Fan




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