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Nazia Chaudhry | Presenter for “Pass the Mic” with Pandora + Alicia Keys Foundation

Presenter for “Pass the Mic” with Pandora + Alicia Keys Foundation

I was waiting in line at the CVS drive thru and an email popped up as I looked down. It was an invitation to an upcoming event hosted by Pandora and Alicia Keys’ Foundation. I immediately got out of the line and had to take it all in. You see, as a young 1st generation South Asian American girl studying music and the arts since I was a kid, I never saw anyone who looked like me doing all the things I aspired to do, so I decided I would focus on my chosen crafts and eventually one day I could be that inspiration for someone else one day. That day has come. 
I’m incredibly honored to be invited as a Presenter by Pandora in partnership with Alicia Keys’ Foundation, She Is the Music for an exciting live event series titled, “Pass the Mic Ask Me Anything – The Roles You Never Knew Existed,” where I will be talking all things voiceover, acting, singing, and music. This series kicks off at the end of August and features one-on-one conversations with badass females in the audio industry including music analysts, entertainment lawyers, music curators, and more. I will be presenting at the end of September. To learn more about Pass the Mic.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you Pandora, She is the Music, and Studio Resonate for giving me this wonderful opportunity to give back, empower, inspire, and Pass the Mic to young women in audio and music through my journey from stage to screen and behind the mic, as I approach 25 years in my career as a professional performing artist. 
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