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Nazia Chaudhry | Naz & Friends Spotlight: Billy Thornton

Naz & Friends Spotlight: Billy Thornton

Check out Billy Thornton as he performs with me this Friday, Jan 8 at Churchill Grounds along with Sam Skelton, Tyrone Jackson, & Chris Burroughs. To reserve your table for the 9p or 11p show, call (404) 876-3030. Tyrone & I just put the finishing touches on an arrangement this week that I felt only Billy could play on. I am thrilled to be working with Billy for this upcoming show. Read more about Billy below or go to the following Facebook invitation link: NAZ & Friends – LIVE at Churchill Grounds!


A little while ago, I heard about a bass player who moved to town from Florida named Billy Thornton & went to check him out a couple times at Atlanta jam sessions. I was very impressed. He’s such a creative musician & plays the bass in such a unique and percussive way. I remember thinking I’m going to call him one day for a gig. Of course, my mind is a bit foggy now that my daughter is 3, so I asked Sam for a recommendation for my upcoming show at Churchill. He mentioned Billy, and I immediately said, “Thanks so much for reminding me about him! He would be perfect for an arrangement I was thinking about writing for the show!” ‪#‎nazlive‬‪#‎billythornton‬ ‪#‎atlantajazz‬ ‪#‎churchillgrounds‬ 

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A native of Georgia, Billy developed a longing for roots bass playing and cultures past at a young age. Billy has his degree in Jazz Studies from University of North Florida. He explored vintage electronic gear, such as vacuum tube technology amplifiers and simple passive bass guitar electronics found in his 1970’s Ampeg SVT and Fender Precision Bass. Billy also began leaning toward organic gut strings on the double bass to perfect his unique approach to bass playing. From traditional jazz standards to progressive Celtic rock and roll, Billy Thornton will entertain your ears, eyes, and heart from the first low end rumble to the last thunderous thump!

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