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Animation Singing Demo Added

I added Animation Singing to my lot of demos. Hope you enjoy it. Take a listen below!

To listen to more Voiceover & Singing demos, click here. To take a listen to some music tracks from my debut album, Time After or to learn more about my music, click here.

Catch me on Adult Swim in Black Clover

Wow! That was fun! I play Emma’s Mom on the anime show, Black Clover in Episode 67. Black Clover airs on Cartoon Network’s own, Adult Swim. Be sure to check the Toonami schedule & check it out! Thank you to the folks at FUNimation for giving me this opportunity.


Let’s Connect!

If we don’t follow each other on social media, let’s connect! I’m really into IG Stories right now.

Instagram & IG Stories: Naz_Voice

Twitter: @NazVoice

Facebook: Naz Fan Page

Facebook: Voice & Performance (Coaching Page)

You Tube: MusicNaz

LinkedIn: NaziaChaudhry

Stop Acting. Start Living.

I tell my students that Art, acting, singing, voiceover, dance, etc. can only be as authentic as your own personal experiences. Yes, there are many hours spent practicing and improving skills. I’ve been there…spending hours and hours rehearsing in the practice room, behind the mic, on stage, and on camera. But if you have no life experience to draw from, then your performance runs the risk to be just that…a showcase of your skills. It’s not going to feel passionate or authentic to the listener or viewer. .

Skills are techniques and mechanics that require thinking. Save all that for rehearsal. Of course, you must learn the rules before you break them, and the True art happens when you defy or break those rules…. when it no longer requires thinking…after hours of practice, but is coming from within your heart. When it’s time for the gig, the booking, the show, or the performance, always remember… Acting is from your head, so leave it in the practice room. The Art is the authentic, magical stuff that comes from what’s inside your heart.

Thank you!

It’s an honor to work in an industry where I get to use my voice for a living. I began studying classical voice when I was 12 years old. Voice lessons sparked a life-long interest in the human voice for me that I’ve been passionate about ever since. Almost 25 professional years in this business of acting, singing, voiceover and coaching, and I still love it! Special thanks to all my wonderful clients, agents, and mentors!

Accents & Diversity Reflect Reality

Just finished voicing a cool new e-learning project that requires a British Indian accent and a significant amount of acting skill. All that mimicking since my youth really came in handy! I’ve always had an ear for picking up accents, since we used to travel a lot & I have family from everywhere.

It’s fun having voiceover acting opportunities using my wheelhouse of international accents and trying out new ones. Accents and dialects give an international flair to any voiceover project and help to accurately reflect the diverse world we live in to boot!

Speaking of diversity, catch my Middle Eastern accent in @funimation ‘s latest anime show, Radiant, where I play the role of Mrs. Zeda, mother of 6!

Thank you, Gates Foundation!

So honored to add The Gates Foundation to my client list. It feels great to be a part of a recent e-learning project about women’s empowerment. Big thanks to my voiceover buddy, Brigid Reale, for having me on board.

Arcade Spirits Launches Today!

So excited that Arcade Spirits launched today! I play the role of QueenBee. My favorite part about working with the game development team is the opportunity for creative collaboration and being given the artistic freedom to bring QueenBee to life. Special Thanks to Team Arcade Spirits! Congratulations on the launch!

Nazia Chaudhry is Mrs. Zeda in Radiant

Nazia Chaudhry to play Mrs. Zeda in FUNimation’s anime title, Radiant.

It’s an honor to play the role of Mrs. Zeda in the upcoming episodes of Radiant for @funimation . Isn’t she cute?!! She’s a fun loving spitfire with 6 children!!! Seriously guys, I can’t even handle my own 2 kiddos! 😂 
Check my IG Stories to follow my adventures!

Special thanks to the Funimation studio fam in Dallas for the warmest welcome back after 8 years in Atlanta. ❤️

I know a place where dreams are born and time is never planned…

“I know a place where dreams are born and time is never planned. It’s not on any chart. You must find it in your heart. Never Neverland. It might be miles beyond the moon, or right there, where you stand. Just have an open mind and suddenly you’ll find Never Neverland.” – Peter Pan

My arrangement of Never Neverland can be found on my YouTube Channel MusicNaz . This song will forever be dedicated to my kids, because once they arrived, it took on a very different meaning to me. In fact, my perspective on everything I do has changed since I became a mother 6 years ago, from my music arranging & acting to singing & voiceover, even with coaching.

Although I’ve been dealing with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and other health issues in the last couple years since I delivered my son, I feel grateful & blessed in many ways now. As a performer, trials and tribulations are kind of a blessing in disguise, because they remind us we are human & time away from what we love to do can make us appreciate the position we are in even more when we try to get back to life as usual.

The negatives can actually be transformed into positives, especially for any performer, actor, singer, voiceover talent, or speaker. What better way to deliver a performance than to have truly been through some joyful moments as well as the rough times in order to deliver a more meaningful & authentic performance that it just as real to your audience also. All this means is that the emotions are raw and real & coming from the right spot… the most vulnerable spot… the heart, as it always should.

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