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Providence Express Care @ Walgreens

Here’s a spot I voiced from Walgreens/Providence Express Care:



@nazvoice hits over 2,200 Twitter followers

We hit over 2,200 @nazvoice Twitter followers! Thanks for the love!

Hello, Qualcomm!

16508427_1368064313213898_8452720493238187323_nPleased to announce that I am adding Qualcomm to my client list. Thanks to Erik Sheppard for calling me on this booking!


Adding Carolina Talent to my representation!

Thanks so much to Carolina Talent for graciously accepting me on their roster to represent me in the Carolinas. I’m honored to be apart of your agency! 


Welcome to the TAG Talent family!

Excited to join the TAG Talent family for voiceover representation in the Southwest! Giddieeyup! Yee Haw! imgres-1

Over 13.1K Vine Loops!

Wow! Discovering new things every day now that I’m back to work. I saw that Vine is shutting down…RIP, Vine. For fun, I checked my Vine & I have over 13,100 Vine loops! That’s crazy!

Last I checked it was 5,000…but I’ve been quite busy with my kiddos. Geez! Social media is getting tough to keep up with.



I booked VTech just in time!

I just VTech to my client roster just after delivering my son, Sami! This couldn’t have happened at a better time! I was in search for a new baby monitor and actually chose the one I voiced for. Lol! Thanks, VTech for making it an easy choice!

Introducing…Baby Sami!

My latest blessing… Baby Sami

Catch me on Social Media…

Although I’ll be on maternity leave for most of my work…I will still be auditioning for and booking voiceover projects when I am able. In the meantime, please friend me on @nazvoice on Twitter and Facebook & @naz_voice on Instagram for all my latest and up to datest.

Still booking until term!

I’m still truckin’ with this baby on the way… Please welcome Willy’s Mexicana Grill & Physmodo to my client roster! And below is a pic of the gorgeous IBM studio, a client I continue to work with until I deliver Baby Sami at the end of May.1655864_1093244164029249_8562750715759888690_n



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