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Welcome to the TAG Talent family!

Excited to join the TAG Talent family for voiceover representation in the Southwest! Giddieeyup! Yee Haw! imgres-1

Over 13.1K Vine Loops!

Wow! Discovering new things every day now that I’m back to work. I saw that Vine is shutting down…RIP, Vine. For fun, I checked my Vine & I have over 13,100 Vine loops! That’s crazy!

Last I checked it was 5,000…but I’ve been quite busy with my kiddos. Geez! Social media is getting tough to keep up with.



I booked VTech just in time!

I just VTech to my client roster just after delivering my son, Sami! This couldn’t have happened at a better time! I was in search for a new baby monitor and actually chose the one I voiced for. Lol! Thanks, VTech for making it an easy choice!

Introducing…Baby Sami!

My latest blessing… Baby Sami

Catch me on Social Media…

Although I’ll be on maternity leave for most of my work…I will still be auditioning for and booking voiceover projects when I am able. In the meantime, please friend me on @nazvoice on Twitter and Facebook & @naz_voice on Instagram for all my latest and up to datest.

Still booking until term!

I’m still truckin’ with this baby on the way… Please welcome Willy’s Mexicana Grill & Physmodo to my client roster! And below is a pic of the gorgeous IBM studio, a client I continue to work with until I deliver Baby Sami at the end of May.1655864_1093244164029249_8562750715759888690_n



Officially signed with Coast to Coast Talent!


imageWe did it!! I’m so honored to announce that we (baby Sami & I) recently signed with Portia Scott of Coast to Coast Talent Group in LA. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Portia. I’m So honored to be a part of the CTC family. Special thank you to Gerald Griffith, VO Atanta, Celia Siegel, Christopher Currier & Sennheiser/Neumann for your support over the years. 

I honestly wasn’t planning on attending VO Atlanta this year. Last fall, I was having complications in my first trimester & found out my dad had prostate cancer. There was too much stress surrounding the early stages of this pregnancy & I had to turn down singing on a big opportunity to sing with a symphony pops orchestra, which was actually happening around the time as VO Atlanta. Gerald called me in December and asked me to perform at the conference. I was hesitant because Dad’s radiation treatments were scheduled to go through the spring, but I said yes. I had been to the conference every year since it started.

And I am so glad I went because, just like every year, I met some amazing new friends & caught up with old friends, learned a ton and finally after all these years I’ve invested in my career, I signed with an LA agent. Who knows… maybe one day I will be a part of Disney history! ;D


My VO Atlanta 2016 concert was a success!

I recently uploaded my pics from VO Atlanta 2016 conference & performance on my Facebook fan page. If you haven’t “liked” my Facebook or Twitter  or Instagram pages, please do so to keep on the pulse of my latest updates. This is my 4th consecutive year attending this conference, and my 2nd time being invited back to perform. I’m so honored to be a part of the VO Atlanta family! Thanks for inviting us back to perform, Gerald. I’ll write up more fun details soon after I recover from the lack of sleep. 12814533_1086423991377933_4727176230792153502_n12809746_1086423771377955_2450039354864975510_n12800293_1086423981377934_598814232825069472_n

Booked for a new Videogame!

I have recently booked a video game & trailer with my new clients at Prologue Games & Krash Creative! Details announced soon…

Sore Throat Remedy


Students have asked for my tried & true opera home remedy for sore throats that I’ve modified into an elixir from my own research over time. It’s worked for me for over 25 years, Even on the day of a demanding show! Had it last night…sore throat gone by this morning.

I usually also supplement with a combo of complete vocal rest, steam, humidifiers, throat coat herbal teas & lozenges and then some, but found that I cannot use much of the herbal remedies during pregnancy, so I have to keep it all natural. I happen to be making it, so I thought I’d finally document it. I have more information on vocal health here

I never really measure things but hopefully this is helpful. Slice up 2 Lemons & 1 orange in thinly sliced quarters, grate a half a clove of fresh ginger then cut up some pieces & throw in the mix with what’s left, few dashes of sea salt, couple dashes of ground cayenne pepper, add ‪#‎braggs ‬apple cider vinegar enough to cover the slices in the bowl, cover the top with a generous layer of honey (local zip code honey or organic is best, but whatever you have is fine). Add a few generous scoops to 1/2 cup of hot water…add more honey to sweeten the taste if needed per cup. Seal & store the rest to use 2 or 3 times through the day until the soreness is gone. I continue for a couple days more to be sure all is well and keep the rest in the fridge to use later for precautionary measures. It is good for a couple weeks in the fridge. If you run out of liquid, just add Braggs & honey to the bowl.

If you don’t like the rind to be in the mix, you may just squeeze the juice instead or peel the citrus before slicing.

Gargle then swallow every few sips at the first sign of a sore throat. Ask your doctor prior to use if you have any medical conditions. If your sore throat persists longer than a few days or if you have any questions regarding your health, of course, consult your doctor.

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