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Bring Your Questions!

I’ll see you this Thursday, September 24 at 1pm Eastern / 12pm Central / 10am Pacific for Pass the Mic Ask Me Anything, brought to  you by Pandora + She Is The Music.  Register  here.  

Presenter for “Pass the Mic” with Pandora + Alicia Keys Foundation

I was waiting in line at the CVS drive thru and an email popped up as I looked down. It was an invitation to an upcoming event hosted by Pandora and Alicia Keys’ Foundation. I immediately got out of the line and had to take it all in. You see, as a young 1st generation South Asian American girl studying music and the arts since I was a kid, I never saw anyone who looked like me doing all the things I aspired to do, so I decided I would focus on my chosen crafts and eventually one day I could be that inspiration for someone else one day. That day has come. 
I’m incredibly honored to be invited as a Presenter by Pandora in partnership with Alicia Keys’ Foundation, She Is the Music for an exciting live event series titled, “Pass the Mic Ask Me Anything – The Roles You Never Knew Existed,” where I will be talking all things voiceover, acting, singing, and music. This series kicks off at the end of August and features one-on-one conversations with badass females in the audio industry including music analysts, entertainment lawyers, music curators, and more. I will be presenting at the end of September. To learn more about Pass the Mic.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you Pandora, She is the Music, and Studio Resonate for giving me this wonderful opportunity to give back, empower, inspire, and Pass the Mic to young women in audio and music through my journey from stage to screen and behind the mic, as I approach 25 years in my career as a professional performing artist. 
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New Animated Series on Nickelodeon International

I booked it! Super excited to join the cast of a new animated series on Nickelodeon International. 


Super excited to announce that I booked my first role on an animated series for Nickelodeon International! Thank you,…

Posted by Naz Fan Page on Friday, June 19, 2020

Voiceover Demo Overhaul

I finally took some time this summer to update my voiceover demos! My Commercial, Corporate Narration & E-Learning Voiceover Demos are hot off the press! Listen below. Other new voiceover demos include: IVR / Telephony, Political & Explainer.  Take a listen to more demos:

Commercial Demo:

Corporate Narration Demo:

E-learning Demo:

Lowering Infant Mortality Rates with Comics

It’s always exciting to watch a project come to fruition. The Gates Foundation team has given the green light for me to voice on 10 more modules of this exciting animated comic project. This project is currently impacting and lowering infant mortality rates in India and was presented at DevLearn 2019. Kevin wrote: “Thank you for your exceptional work for the Super Divya character. Your voice brought the character to life! Everyone absolutely loves her!” Thank you for your kind words, Kevin. I’m honored to help bring such an important project and character to life. 


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Thank you for your kind words, Kevin. It was an absolute pleasure voice acting on your project. Kevin recently told me that an Indian character I voiced for his latest project inspired his upcoming presentation at the @devlearn2019 conference this year, centered around the topic of cultural awareness with animated comic characters in instructional learning. How cool! I’m so very honored. . The truth is, I would never have met Kevin if it weren’t for my friend Brigid, who kindly reached out to me to audition for this project after she learned that the original actor had an emergency. Serendipitous really. It happened to be a light recording week for me, so it all worked out. So elated to be apart of such a wonderful e-learning project that helps to empower women. Big Thanks, Kevin and Brigid. . Producing high-quality work means a lot to me. From singing to acting or narrating to voicing characters, I self-direct and meticulously record every inflection necessary to get the best possible performance for my clients. As a singer, actor, and voiceover talent with nearly 25 years of professional performance experience & experience with globally recognized brands, I take pride in delivering a quality performance, whether I’m singing on stage or in studio, or behind the mic voicing an ad campaign, animation or narration. . . . . . . . @realevoices @mr_nuggethead #nazvoice #gratitude #realevoices #dallas #brandvoice #brandvoicestrategist #corporatevoiceover #voiceover #actor #sessionsinger #trainingvideo #corporatevideoproduction #singer #mena #menasa #diversityandinclusion #brandpartner #voiceovercoach #voicecoach #vocalcoach #adagency #videoproduction #clientappreciation #instructionaldesigner #elearning #accents #animation #devlearn #charactervoice #corporatestoryteller

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PATH Brand Video

As a brand voice, I naturally love voicing brand videos for clients. It’s always fun to learn about so many emerging brands and tailor my voice to fit my clients’ needs. I recently voiced a brand video for a global health organization named PATH. The creatives wanted a conversational international voice to align with PATH’s global health initiatives. I recorded this project from my home studio in Dallas & connected to the client at a studio in Portland. Check out to learn more. PATH is doing amazing things and has so many amazing programs designed to improve healthcare on a global level. Special thanks to The Sheppard Agency for contacting me about this wonderful opportunity. 


My Political Demo is complete!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new political voiceover demo!  As a brand voice, I have voiced many political ad campaigns during my professional voice acting career spanning nearly 20 years. With the 2020 political season ramping up, I decided that it was time to officially record a political voiceover demo to service my clients’ political commercial ad campaign and political audio branding needs.

I’m 1st generation South Asian-American and as an ethnic minority female, I feel I can have an impact and contribute a unique audio branding perspective to your upcoming commercial ad campaign in the political arena.  From conversational and inspirational, to trust-worthy and authoritative voiceover, I also specialize in authentic accents, including Pakistani / Indian accents. I would love to partner with you and with so many easy ways to connect, I can help voice your next political commercial radio, television or internet ad campaign from my broadcast-quality home recording studio. Contact me here

Callbacks for an International Animated Series

I’m so excited and grateful to make callbacks for 2 lead roles in an international animated series! #nazvoice #gratitude #voiceactor #actorsinger #representationmatters #poc #peopleofcolor #ctcvo

Animated Project on Refillable Plastic Bottles

The beauty of E-learning is that I always learn so much when voicing for E-learning clients. Today’s recording session was for a scene in an animated project. The interesting thing about acting dialogue in voiceover is that we rarely get to interact with the other actors in the scene, so you have to record alone and activate your imagination. Then, act and react how you normally would if someone was actually talking to you. I can truly say I talk to myself a LOT in the booth! LOL. Thank you for trusting me on this project, Coca Cola! 

Happy World Voice Day!

From my home studio to yours, Happy World Voice Day!

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