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14,600 views on FB

Wow! I am humbled. My live concert recording of “And So It Goes” received 14.6k views on Facebook. People must be digging this Billy Joel cover. Thanks for your support!

Brand Spankin’ New Demos Added!

My New & Refreshed demos are up on my website now! I actually uploaded them all by myself this time, without the help of my graphics gal! That’s a big deal for little ole, technically-challenged me. Lol! 

Commercial Demo

Conversational Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

Animation Demo

Refreshed Singing Demo


Over 2,800 Views in 24 hours?!

I did an audition for Disney’s Moana a couple years ago & decided to make a little music video out of it for posting on social media. I hesitated to share it during the release of my jazz album, thinking that it would interfere with all the media coverage going on for the album. I was honestly shocked the response to the release of this audition on Facebook yesterday! There was so much sharing and love going on that I hit over 2,800 views within 24 hours! And now it’s up to 4,000 views! Who knew people were ready to get their Disney Princess Sparkle on??! Whew…That was fun!

Are you a Subscriber to #nazLive ?

Have you Subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? It’s super easy! Just go to my channel & click the “Subscribe” button. You will be alerted when I release a fun new video or live concert footage from my #nazLIVE series. 



Naz & Friends @ VO Atlanta 2017!

Hope to see you at VO Atlanta 2017 soon! This is my 5th consecutive year attending and 3rd year returning to the stage to sing. We will be swingin’ on the dance floor at the ipDTL Swing Dance Party on Saturday, March 11, 2017 @ 9pm. Be there!

Explainer Video Booking

I booked a fun explainer video for LiveRamp. Here it is!

Providence Express Care @ Walgreens

Here’s a spot I voiced from Walgreens/Providence Express Care:



@nazvoice hits over 2,200 Twitter followers

We hit over 2,200 @nazvoice Twitter followers! Thanks for the love!

Hello, Qualcomm!

16508427_1368064313213898_8452720493238187323_nPleased to announce that I am adding Qualcomm to my client list. Thanks to Erik Sheppard for calling me on this booking!


Adding Carolina Talent to my representation!

Thanks so much to Carolina Talent for graciously accepting me on their roster to represent me in the Carolinas. I’m honored to be apart of your agency! 


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