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Nazia Chaudhry | Officially signed with Coast to Coast Talent!

Officially signed with Coast to Coast Talent!


imageWe did it!! I’m so honored to announce that we (baby Sami & I) recently signed with Portia Scott of Coast to Coast Talent Group in LA. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Portia. I’m So honored to be a part of the CTC family. Special thank you to Gerald Griffith, VO Atanta, Celia Siegel, Christopher Currier & Sennheiser/Neumann for your support over the years. 

I honestly wasn’t planning on attending VO Atlanta this year. Last fall, I was having complications in my first trimester & found out my dad had prostate cancer. There was too much stress surrounding the early stages of this pregnancy & I had to turn down singing on a big opportunity to sing with a symphony pops orchestra, which was actually happening around the time as VO Atlanta. Gerald called me in December and asked me to perform at the conference. I was hesitant because Dad’s radiation treatments were scheduled to go through the spring, but I said yes. I had been to the conference every year since it started.

And I am so glad I went because, just like every year, I met some amazing new friends & caught up with old friends, learned a ton and finally after all these years I’ve invested in my career, I signed with an LA agent. Who knows… maybe one day I will be a part of Disney history! ;D


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