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Nazia Chaudhry | Stop Acting. Start Living.

Stop Acting. Start Living.

I tell my students that Art, acting, singing, voiceover, dance, etc. can only be as authentic as your own personal experiences. Yes, there are many hours spent practicing and improving skills. I’ve been there…spending hours and hours rehearsing in the practice room, behind the mic, on stage, and on camera. But if you have no life experience to draw from, then your performance runs the risk to be just that…a showcase of your skills. It’s not going to feel passionate or authentic to the listener or viewer. .

Skills are techniques and mechanics that require thinking. Save all that for rehearsal. Of course, you must learn the rules before you break them, and the True art happens when you defy or break those rules…. when it no longer requires thinking…after hours of practice, but is coming from within your heart. When it’s time for the gig, the booking, the show, or the performance, always remember… Acting is from your head, so leave it in the practice room. The Art is the authentic, magical stuff that comes from what’s inside your heart.

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