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Nazia Chaudhry | There IS a difference between Head Voice & Falsetto

There IS a difference between Head Voice & Falsetto

Many people often refer to the head voice as falsetto, but the two terms, in my opinion, are not interchangeable.  Falsetto is the lightest vocal production of the human voice. Falsetto has limited strength and dynamic levels and it can lack variation in tonal quality. There is a definite break between your falsetto and your speaking voice (chest voice).

On the other hand, head voice has more tonal color than falsetto. Head voice has the potential to create more dynamic range and is much stronger than falsetto. With the proper training, head voice can connect more smoothly with chest voice, thus creating a smooth “mixed” voice which protects the voice and helps to provide the illusion of “belting” without the vocal strain. In terms of strength and sound production, head voice lies between the chest voice (strongest) and falsetto (lightest) voice.

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