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Nazia Chaudhry | 4 Stages of Learning

4 Stages of Learning

The 4 Stages of Learning can be applied to everything from success in business to success in performance:

Stage #1: Unconscious Incompetence – You’re doing something wrong and you don’t even know it. Basically…Blissful ignorance. At this stage, you may think you don’t need a mentor or coach OR you begin to seek help from a mentor or coach.

Stage #2: Conscious Incompetence – You’re doing something wrong, you know it, but you either can’t or won’t change. You can only learn so much from a book…At this stage, you need a coach who can give you feedback and help you get past the hurdles you are encountering.

Stage #3: Conscious Competence – You’re doing something right or productive, but it’s a struggle. You make the right choices and do the things that will lead you to your goal, but it’s a daily mental battle. Feedback from a mentor is still important at this stage.

Stage #4: Unconscious Competence – You’re doing everything without really having to think about it. The right actions and decisions are now second nature. At this stage, even professionals continue to learn and train in their profession or craft to stay on the top of their chosen field. Always remember that leaning happens over the course of a lifetime.

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