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Nazia Chaudhry | Breaking Down Your Copy

Breaking Down Your Copy

Because you are a good actor, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good voice actor. With acting, it’s simple to see subtle reactions by using a gesture or expression. With voice acting, the audience is not able to see you and only relies on what they hear. It is your job as a voice actor to bring the copy to life.
There is always a conflict, and a release or resolution. You need to play both the conflict and the resolution. Commercial copy has to change. It does not have only one feeling!

YOUR COACH IS YOUR BFF Many voice actors never planned to be in voice over, and end up in the field by accident from an audition that an agent sent them out on. Suddenly they are booking voiceover gigs and call themselves a “voice actor.” Yet, often they have little training in what they do and little articulation as to what their process is when they break down, interpret and audition with commercial copy. It is important to work with a coach who understands the vocal instrument, acting, and voice overs. There are coaches out there that focus on audio engineering or demos, and there are coaches that focus on acting and performance techniques. A strong voice and actor-focused coach will assist a voice talent with solid skill-building and performance technique when the audition or job heat is on. It ensures the talent to have the best tools to deliver the goods in the booth. AUDITIONING IS YOUR JOB NOT A STEPPING STONE TO A JOB If you are getting auditions, you are a working actor or voice actor. Auditions are big part of the job. I have heard coaches suggest that actors “pretend” an audition is a booking. Don’t pretend! It is the booking and your work! You are working with the pros and breaking down copy. You are showcasing your best skills as a working actor. That job is yours while you interpret the copy. Auditions become a totally different experience when approaching the audition as the job! If you need assistance from Naz at My Voice and Performance Coach, check out Skype sessions are available.

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