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Nazia Chaudhry | It takes More than a village! #Teamnaz Shoutout

It takes More than a village! #Teamnaz Shoutout

I cannot believe the anniversary of my album release is here! I planned it last year to fall around my birthday. Those that know me, know that I put all I have into my work in order to create the best possible experience and performance I can, but the audience and fans only see the end result of an artist’s effort. After my release party last September, I decided to capture more footage of my album release concerts. Click below to subscribe to my YouTube series, #NazLive .


While many questioned my disappearance from the Atlanta music scene this summer, this video production took a lot of time and dedication. It took me a year to complete, endless hours of rehearsal time, promotion, planning, and too many sleepless nights to count spent on compiling and scrapping arrangement ideas. It was also very difficult overseeing the production and post-production of both audio and video of hours of concert footage, while balancing a successful radio & media launch of the album during the first few months of this year.

I shed many tears and endured a lot of stress while managing and working alongside a total cast and crew of almost 40 people along the way, in addition to chasing after a very rambunctious toddler (who is now potty-training…sorry, TMI, but all you parents KNOW how strenuous this is!), AND balancing my other jobs as a coach, voiceover talent, actor, & wife! I figure I am doing the most difficult job of all…being a mother… and if I can do that, I realize that I can do anything else I put my mind to.

All this effort was a plan to capture and preserve this very special year in my life during the release of my debut album. The video EPK unfortunately didn’t get compiled during my radio campaign as originally planned, but I obviously have a lot on my plate to manage, so I have decided for once to go easy on myself. Really, having my daughter motivated me to save these accomplishments and moments for her to see one day when she gets a little older, so she knows that anything is possible no matter how long it takes, and that being a mom does not mean you stop striving towards completing your goals. I knew that if I at least did a few things to work toward my goals while raising her, I will eventually get closer to reaching them one day.

Despite the tremendous amount of energy, time, and cost, this effort resulted in capturing and preserving some great musical moments & collaborations with my friends & mentors, who are also some of Atlanta’s most respected jazz heavyweights. (Talk about pressure!) During this time, I experienced a tremendous amount of growth as a musician, manager, arranger, band leader, and producer. But the result is a series of concerts, fun behind the scenes footage, and interviews, which will premiere on my YouTube Channel this Fall. I also plan to take you on some adventures through my life and other careers along the way.

People often ask, “how do you manage everything?” My answer is quite simply, “Very carefully & I don’t sleep much.” :) Actually, I didn’t think I did much this last year, until I started writing this post and continued writing, and writing…and writing some more. It’s all very difficult to manage when trying to focus on being the artist as well, and giving the best performance possible, but it really takes More than a village to craft the premiere of a live musical experience!

First, I would like to thank my husband, mom, and mother in law for their support in caring for my daughter when I needed the time to focus. I would also like to express my gratitude to the rest of #TeamNaz : Christopher Currier, Sennheiser / Neumann, Kari Gaffney, Celia Siegel, Denise Biondo, Amber Totten, Tyrone Jackson, Sam Skelton, Emrah Kotan, Craig Shaw, Justin Varnes, Jose Manuel Garcia, Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Earl Smith Strand Theater, Susan Stensland, Randy Hoexter, Tim Aucoin, Trey Wright, John David, Bruce Speer, Audrey Shakir, Jeff Wood, Corey Lowrey, Sean McLeroy, Jason Vail, Levi Mlinar, Taylor Giddins, Rich Fiallo, Eric Little, Best of Atlanta Concerts, Dior Metcalf, Scott Fugate, Fountaine Lewis, Greg Sudmier, T Fuller, Gerald Griffith, Voiceover City, and of course thanks to all my family, friends, and fans for your support.

You have all been a part of my journey this year and for that, I am grateful. I look forward to taking you along on my adventures! If you want to keep up with my updates, please subscribe to my newsletter: Naz News.

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